Building on Architecture

specialist careers advice for architects

As architects, our profession is both incredibly rewarding and wide-ranging. But navigating an architectural career can be complex. 


Whether you're just trying to find your next step as an architect or a whole new path, I can help. I offer specialist architectural careers counselling to individuals, and also deliver bespoke careers-development packages into practices.


Not sure of how to progress in your architectural career within your current practice? Finding the salary prospects or work culture difficult but not sure how to make a change? The reality of being an architect not quite what you expected and you want to explore your options?


Whatever your particular career issue, I can help you with uncertainty and refocus your career so that it's more in line with what really drives you. I can do this because I have years of experience of working both in and around architecture, and can offer an industry-specific perspective rather than just general careers advice.

manage your architecture career