Building on Architecture

tailored coaching that helps you manage your career

With any client, my aim is to help them mould their career so that they do more of what they enjoy and believe in. I offer tailored careers-coaching programmes based on one-to-one sessions over Skype, all of which begin with talking frankly (and of course in confidence) about your situation and how you want to change it. I also offer tailored careers-development services to architectural practices.


Experience – and feedback from both clients and readers of my 'Dear Matthew' column – tells me that personal coaching is far more effective in helping people focus their career than them spending time trawling the web looking for information or vacancies.


While many people can manage their careers independently, my in-depth knowledge of our sector allows me to provide insight and realistic suggestions on how to apply your skills and knowledge – possibly in ways you haven't yet considered.


For individuals, my fee is based on an hourly charge. I offer a free, no-obligation 'taster session' on Skype, or in person if you are in London or Barcelona. This way, you can see whether or not I'm the kind of person you can work with, and I can judge whether or not I can help you.


For wider career support for practices - which includes bespoke programmes in presenting, negotiation, bidding, teamwork, as well as management training,  please get in touch.

Coaching is personalised to your needs. However, here is an idea of what a programme can cover:

  • Discuss in full the nature of 'the problem' that you want to solve.
  • Work through any limitations on your work set up (such as needing to stay in a certain place, or to take stock of your skills).
  • Clarify what you're really good at and what 'package' you can offer.
  • Identify some realistic options that are in line with your interests, needs and outlook.
  • Give you advice on how to deal with approaching existing, or future, employers.